# Let's Grow Your Brand

If you are a Jewelry Brand and want to take your business to the next level

Reduce inventory and increase the design offers to your clients by trying new design samples without any MOQ.


Are you a jewelry brand owner or a Jewelry Designer?

In the current scenario your clients expect larger design selection and new designs launch frequently?

While your vendors overseas in India or China require larger quantities of each design? 

You find your funds blocked in larger inventories and feel the need to update your clients regularly with new designs and variations without blocking your funds in larger inventory?

You can rely on us for your new Design development without any MOQ!

Why to trust us? 

We are a 20 year old company, member of The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India, as well as member of the Responsible Jewelry Council.

We cater to several well known Jewelry Brands in Europe and USA, and understand their quality requirements.

You can rely on us, with 20 years of experience in high-quality Jewelry Manufacturing and Jewelry developed in an ethical way.

We can sign an NDA to protect your Designs. You may send us your sketches or technical specifications to develop 3D CAD views of your designs.

Jewelry Designers

Have a look at some of our Designs you can select from or have your own designs created.

Ethically sourced materials

3D Example Views Of Our Designs

Our Mission & Vision

Help  To help upcoming Jewelry Designers Stand Out From Crowd  by lowering down their inventory and save from travel cost to locate the perfect manufacturing partner 

Ethically Source Materials

We Use Diamonds Which Are From Conflict-Free Zones and By choosing a conflict-free you’re supporting ethical diamond mining practices.

Great Design For Your Brand Growth

you’re curating fine gemstones and metals or stranding together decorative costume baubles, the jewelry industry is all about beautiful presentation and intricate details.

Reduce Costing

Avoid international travel to locate the correct manufacturer, Lowering inventory pile up by ordering lower MOQ per design.

Quick And Fast Communication

Faster communication on WhatsApp and WhatsApp calls - to avoid long waiting times for emails.

Foreign Suppler

Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturing for Jewelry Brands based in UK, USA, Canada, and Spain.

Focus on Quality

We follow strictly QC/QC protocols of every product. Regular metal purity and XRF testing reports for plating. We can use GIA/IGI certified Diamonds.