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Our experience means faster timelines and reduced costs.

we supply clients customized designs in Sterling Silver, Gold, Gemstones and Diamonds.

Dear friend,

If you’re a jewelry brand looking to grow your business through the Best jewelry designs developed customised for you.

Then this will be the most important message you’ll read.

Let’s face it.

Most people are overwhelmed by the amount of noise, false information, and confusion that surrounds this industry.

The market is saturated with low-quality manufacturers, asking for large quantities….

And you decide to go with them looking at attractive prices! But…

After That, They when you sell the products you get Reviews like this On AMAZON Your Customers …


Ask jewelry brand owners… and they’ll tell you the following:

Ask jewelry brand owners… and they’ll tell you the following:

looking for new jewelry designs under your brand umbrella. 


So you do what most jewelry brands do. 

Which is investing in the best designs and manufacturing of jewelry. 

But you’ll quickly find out that no matter which shiny designs you get or find the greatest manufacturer,

they but not able to reduce inventory costs and have Jewelry brands try more product launches…

So you start looking for talented and well-experienced jewelry manufacturers to solve jewelry designs issues. 

There’s one problem though, the designers and manufacturers you talk to charge exorbitant rates.

You decide to go through with it anyway. 

After all, they have years of experience. 

What can go wrong? 

But after a while, you’re left wondering why our customer’s reviews about the product quality getting negative.

Then you get excuses about work, time, and labor….

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? 

What if you didn’t need to pay ridiculous rates for work that drains your bank account?

Instead of that 

You Can Get the Benefits of 

Lowering inventory pile up by ordering lower MOQ per design

Let's See What We Have Got For You

Product Title

Jewelry Dsigns

This Is Just A Start We Have 2000+ Designs In Our Collection Bank​

3D Designs Of Our Products

This Are The Lap Test Reports As An Proof

Our Mission & Vision

Help  To help upcoming Jewelry Designers Stand Out From Crowd  by lowering down their inventory and save from travel cost to locate the perfect manufacturing partner 

Ethically Source Materials

We Use Diamonds Which Are From Conflict-Free Zones and By choosing a conflict-free you’re supporting ethical diamond mining practices.

Great Design For Your Brand Growth

you’re curating fine gemstones and metals or stranding together decorative costume baubles, the jewelry industry is all about beautiful presentation and intricate details.

Reduce Costing

Avoid international travel to locate the correct manufacturer, Lowering inventory pile up by ordering lower MOQ per design.

Quick And Fast Communication

Faster communication on WhatsApp and WhatsApp calls - to avoid long waiting times for emails.

Foreign Suppler

Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturing for Jewelry Brands based in UK, USA, Canada, and Spain.

Focus on Quality

We follow strictly QC/QC protocols of every product. Regular metal purity and XRF testing reports for plating. We can use GIA/IGI certified Diamonds.

Warning! Time Is A Factor

As you can imagine this opportunity is highly desired.

Since this is an intense time-consuming service in order to get your Designs created.

We are taking limited designs to develop 3D CAD views…

We can sign an NDA to protect your designs. 

If you feel like expanding your business by offering more new designs to your clients by social media or offering them customization,

click the button below to get your 3D Designs created and you can also book a call with us. We can show you the quality of our Jewelry live!